Gucci Garden

GUCCI . . . a unique, classy, expensive, and iconic fashion brand. Florence, Italy is the place where it all started. Gucci Garden opened up January 2018 and when I heard about this place I knew that I had to get there.

If you are a student studying in Florence, all you have to do is show the person at the ticket booth your student ID and you will get in for free. Non-students or students like me that walked thirty minutes to the museum and realized they left their ID at home, it will cost you eight euros. Still not bad at all!

The first level is a shop and restaurant that serves Italian classics. The next two stories is where the fun is at. If you are fascinated with high end fashion, patterns, and creativity, then I recommend adding this museum to the long list of “Things To Do In Florence” that you should be making.

Here are a few pictures that I took of some of my favorite exhibits!

Beautiful pieces from the shop

Handbags! Handbags! Handbags! 

Funky Wallart 

*Jaw Drops*

Old Sketches (WAY COOL)

I was so awestruck walking through this museum. I always tell myself that the day I own a Gucci belt is the day I know I’ve made it in life. So, until then I will be happy with seeing exhibits and online photographs of this beautifulness.


Amanda Rae

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