FLY Fashion Loves You is a vintage consignment shop and experimental learning place for upcoming designers in Florence. The second I walked in to this place during my first week in Florence, I fell in love. It is full of bright and unique pieces that scream “Try me on!!” 

Not only does this store sell vintage consignment pieces, but they also sell articles of clothing made by the students attending Florence University of the Arts. So, essentially you can buy a piece of clothing that one of my fellow FUA classmates created! It is every fashion lovers dream! Could you imagine bringing your sketches to life and then actually having someone like it enough to buy it? And the fact that each piece of fashion in that shop created by a student is the only one to ever be made…SO COOL. If you ever do stop by this shop, look for the clothing pieces that have black tags on them. Those are the student made ones. On the tag you can read a little bit about the person behind the funky fashion piece! If a student is lucky enough to have their design featured in the store, they have to wait six months before it is released. I wasn’t able to find out why, but I thought that was really interesting. 

During my last week of being in Florence, I attended the monthly FLY Fashion Loves You event. This months theme was Reinvention, which completely suited what this store was all about. The idea was to show people that you can take old clothing pieces and instead of throwing them away, you can make changes to them and reinvent a look. I got interviewed that night and was featured on their Instagram story answering following question, “How do you reinvent your clothing pieces?” It kind of got me thinking that the only thing I have ever really done is cut jeans into shorts and cut long shirts into crop tops. I was always too scared to do more. Creating something of my own was always out of my comfort zone. However, walking around their store and being asked that question inspired me to try and be more creative and reinvent some of my own clothing pieces I had just planned on getting rid of.

There was a room at this event that had customized clog making. I WAS INTRIGUED. If you wanted to make clogs you were able to choose the height of the heel, as well as, the type and color of fabric that would be covering your foot. Then, they made the shoe right in front of you! I almost caved and bought a pair because how often can you tell someone that the shoes you are wearing were literally made right before your eyes?! However, I refrained myself because I know that wooden shoes and my feet do not get along. Take a look below and see how they made the shoes!

The overall vibe of this event was very laid back as a local musician played tunes and aperitivo was being served. You were able to mingle with friends and meet others that had fashion interests as well. One of my favorite parts of going to events like this is seeing how people dress for it and I loved how some really took the idea of Reinvention to the next level. 

Fashion is something that I have slowly become attracted to over the last few years because everyone has their own style that tells you a story. I know when I get dressed I wear clothing to show who I am, who I am becoming and often times to show what kind of mood I am in that day. So be creative. Be different. Be REINVENTIVE! Thank you FLY Fashion Loves You for your creativity and inspiring me to embrace mine.


Amanda Rae


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