A Weekend In Capri, Positano and Pompeii

Being that it was my last weekend in Italy, I knew that my final trip HAD to be one of the best… and let me tell you, it was! Capri and Positano are the types of places that girls my age dream of one day going to. In high school, I used to always see travel Twitter accounts posting luxurious photographs from these two islands and I would fantasize about one day making it there. It simply amazes me how at nineteen I made it to one of the top places on my bucket list. This opportunity is something that I will forever be grateful for. 


OKAY WOW. My eyes couldn’t look everywhere fast enough! The views in this place were breathtaking. I was so speechless at first and then I just kept whispering to myself “This place is so beautiful” over and over and over again. Not kidding. I must have said it at least fifteen times that day. 

Like all of my trips, I went with a group of people that were all in college studying abroad like me. In order to get onto the island we took a ferry that was literally the size of a cruise ship. It was my first time being on a ferry that large. It reminded me a lot of being on plane once I was inside because they had a snack bar if you were hungry, the seats were set up in aisles, and there was a large television in the front that was showing all of the safety precautions in case something happened on the way there. I wasn’t lucky enough to score a window seat, but I was able to sneak a peak out a window at one point during the twenty minute ride over and the mountainous view was spectacular!

Once we got off the ferry, we had the whole day to explore and participate in activities that would cost us extra euros. I’m all about saving money, but I was in freaking Capri, so I signed up for a ski lift ride to get a whole view of the island, as well as, a boat tour! 

To get to the ski lift, we took a funicular from Marina Grande up to Capri. Then, I headed straight to the Granita stand that was outside of the funicular. Too many people were hyping this Capri-style drink up and now it was my turn to try it! Lemon slush + orange juice + plus a splash of fun (wink, wink) and I had myself a refreshing afternoon drink.


After the funicular, we hopped on a bus that drove us up the mountain to Anacapri. The ski lift was the best €11 I ever spent! Once the ticket was bought, I was up in the air headed to the very top of one of the most beautiful islands in the world. You could see everything from this spot. One of my favorite parts was passing over the houses on the island on my way up the mountain. The sizes of these houses ranged from modest to huge and each one was so uniquely built. Many of them had mini gardens in their backyards too which was giving me major island vibes. 

After the ski lift adventure we stopped for a bite to eat at Ristorante Pizzeria Isidoro. Being that I was currently adventuring in one of the most expensive islands in the world, getting a seafood pasta dish was not in my budget range. That being said, I settles for a delicious shrimp salad that was very refreshing and much needed since I have been carb-loading for the last five weeks! 

Del Re (Shrimp Salad)

We ended the day with a two hour boat tour that showed us all of the main attractions in Capri that could be found along the coast! Not only that, but we got to jump off the boat into the deep blue, but also transparent, sea. As I floated and soaked up the sun and the view, I knew that I was truly living my best life in that moment. 


Capri was amazing, but Positano was the place where I did things I thought I would have to wait years for to do. The highlight of this day trip was the boat tour. Another boat tour?! YES. I have been on three and they are all different! This one was again, two hours and it took us to caves and cliffs. If there is one thing you should know about me, it is that I will never say no to creating a memorable experience no matter how scared I may be. With that in mind, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that when there was an opportunity to swim into a cave, I took it! I was so nervous because I had no idea what to expect, but the boat guide assured me that there were just sea monsters in the cave, so I knew I was totally fine. There were eight of us on the boat and only my roommate and I were brave enough to swim in. Once we were in, we looked up and saw very high above us, the ceiling of the cave. Jagged rocks struck out from the walls and there was a coolness in the air. It was unreal. I almost felt like I was a mermaid swimming to my home! There was an area we could swim to and stand on the rocks, but that was deep inside and lets face it, I have some boundaries. If an area is completely pitch black, then noooo thank you! 

The second memorable experience I made sure to create was me jumping off a cliff. My roommate went first. Mom and dad, if you ever ask me again, “ Would you jump off a cliff if your friend did?” then yes, I would. One of the girls on the boat took a video of us jumping and it was so funny to watch afterwards. I thought I was so high up from the ground, but in reality we really weren’t. It was still a good fifteen feet though, which is enough for me! If you ever find yourself in Positano, get a group of eight and rent a boat from Cassiopea Positano. 

Positano Boat View


Before heading home on Sunday, we made a quick pit stop to the Pompeii museum where we got to walk the streets of what was left of the Roman city that once inhabited this place. Mount Vesuvius is a volcano close by that has erupted over fifty times, but its most well known eruption was in 79 A.D. It wasn’t the lava that buried this city, but the volcanic ash. Seeing what was left of a city so old was really captivating. I found myself filling in the gaps of what places may have looked like if its complete structure was still standing. 

Brothel Area

My last weekend in Italy was filled with sight-seeing, adventuring seeking, and historic significance. This weekend is one that I will carry close to my heart and remember for a life time. 


Amanda Rae



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