How To Do Croatia In Three Days

If I am being completely honest, I did not know a thing about Croatia until a few months ago. Once I booked my plane ticket to study abroad for the summer, the name kept popping up and I kept hearing about their beautiful beaches. So, being the sea-lover that I am, I had to go check this country out for myself. AND WOW I HAD AN AMAZING TIME.

Make sure to pack:

  1. Bathing suits
  2. Sunscreen
  3. Sunglasses
  4. Sandals – Nice ones for going out and a pair for the beach!
  5. Shampoo & Conditioner – I forgot this and my hair was hard from the salt
  6. Beach towel
  7. Croatian kuna – seven kunas = one euro
  8. Credit card – so you don’t have to bring as much cash!
  9. Download the Uber app – you will need it here

What to do:

Beach it Up: Croatia is known for its beaches, so go explore as many as you can! I went to Trstenik Žnjan Beach. It was small, quiet, and beautiful. Mountains are across the water in the background. This beach is on the Adriatic Sea and the water is the bluest of blue. Make sure you have sandals you don’t mind getting wet. This, along with all the other beaches in Split, Croatia, is a pebble beach and those darn things can be sharp!

Explore: Walk the streets of Croatia’s Old Town. It is a very charming area filled with small shops and restaurants. You may even get lucky and find yourself in the middle of a local street market like I did. The local vendors have a lot to offer.

Old Town

Boat Trip: Take a cruise around the islands! There are boats everywhere that you can rent out! It is easier and less expensive to do so with a large group. My guide took us to Maslinica, Island of Šolta where we ate lunch (read below to find out where) and had an hour to walk around. There are beautiful flowers everywhere, sea urchins lining the rocks on shore, and cute houses along its coast.


Blue Lagoon: Part two of the boat trip! Make sure you hit up the Blue Lagoon. This was one of the best experiences of my life. I was literally surrounded by huge mountains, the clearest light blue water I have ever seen, other small boats with people diving in the water, and new friends! Jumping off the roof of the boat into this scene was the perfect way to finish my day. This was truly a moment I will remember forever.

Blue Lagoon

Krka Waterfall: I love nature ahh! It’s a 30 minute walk from the top to the waterfall if you take the scenic route. I highly suggest you do. Once you get to the waterfall you will also find a few stands selling delicious treats for when you get hungry after your swim! The restroom down here charges a small fee, but if you wait to use the one back by the parking area, it is free.

Krka Waterfall

What to eat:

Tavern Buffet Fife Split

This cozy outdoor restaurant is located in Matejuška near Split, Croatia’s Old Town. The dishes are all very affordable and they serve large portions. The best part about this place is the free water. That is hard to come by in European restaurants! Since I was only here for three days I was not messing around. I decided to try a Croatian favorite, goulash. I also ordered a side of buttered rice for the base. THIS MEAL MADE MY TASTE BUDS DO THE HAPPY DANCE! 

Goulash with Buttered Rice

Konoba Sagitta

A food lovers paradise located in Maslinica, Island of Šolta. I had no idea how to read the menu since everything was obviously in Croatian, but our server was very sweet and helped me make the right decision! Once our food came out, he saw me taking pictures of it and said, “New Facebook post?” and I said, “No, it’s for my blog.” THIS MAN got so happy and shook my hand! 

Shrimp Risotto (red), Grilled Vegetables, and Fried Calamari 

If you suddenly find yourself in Croatia, let me know if you do any of these activities!


Amanda Rae

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